Chakra Balancing

By balancing there spinning  of the Chakras and releasing blockages that eater cause them to shut down or spin in reverse that is  in a counter clock wise direction. By bringing the knowledge of how emotions can affect us on a physical level  and cause a imbalance  or discomfort  that will not go away we can learn to  heal on a deep level when we bring in the knowledge to our self  so we can learn  to set our self free and spin in harmony.

If we just look at the & main physical Chakra, the root  chakra (Red):
When balanced:  We feel grounded connected to family. When unbalanced: The  feeling of safety and security issues and the fact  of standing up for self or family and group and providing for life necessities are emotional issues that keep popping up when unbalanced the physical body. Root chakra dysfunction includes chronic lower back problem, depression, immune related disorder's, varicose veins, and sciatica.

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