Crystal Healing

I use crystals in my healing sessions, they are a great conductor of energy and vibrations that we can sense on a cellular level. We can resonate with them in body and mind and a spiritual level of healing within us. We are made up of energy and everything around us  is energy. The frequencies from sound to vibrations need energies as a conductor to manifest. With the use of Intentions, in a healing session It can be magnified  with the help of the energy power of crystals and precious  stones. They can bring the healing  to a higher level and can bring in the healing that is desired. Different stones have different vibrations and colour. They resonate with different energy centres in our body. By touching them and in direct contact with the skin we can usually feel these energies running through us. We  are naturally attracted to this frequency at a sub-conscious level. It is like their energies and the mineral compound is something that we have always known.