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Recently, application of dynamic electrical neurostimulation (DENS) in traumatological patients has become urgent in our situation. This is especially evident in a severe trauma and its consequences, when the application of DENS therapy to the injured area results in fast relieve of the pain syndrome, decrease of the bruise area and tissue edema.

Female athletes with high qualification in boar racing undergoing a special training session in Kiev on the Trukhanov Island had a long and detailed discussion of the potentialities of DENS therapy. They also had a chance to see how DENAS apparatus was practically applied. As the sportswomen had just come to this meeting after the training during which they exercised weight lifting, naturally all of them felt "constraint" and stiffness of muscles in the back, arms and legs as well as myalgia.

Complicated vertebral column injury constitutes 11 to 50 % of all vertebral columninjuries. Within severe spinal injuries about 75-80% of patients go through acute stage andstay alive. Eventually spinal cord wound dystrophy develops and results in all vitals dysfunction (respiratory, musculoskeletal, vascular, excretory, immune system, alimentary canal ­ and it is the reason of the life periodreduction.

In spite of certain success achieved during the past decades in burns medicine, the problem of relieving a pain syndrome under thermal injuries is not resolved completely. Introduction of modern high-efficient preparations for general anesthesia of the burnt is under development now. However, side effects of the majority of these medicines set severe restrictions to their practical use.

The purpose of the research was to assess influence of dynamic electro-ncurostimulation (DENS) on intensity of the pain syndrome in patients with vertebrogenous cervical and lumbar Radiculopathies. DENS efficiency was assessed in 31 patients of the main group as compared with the control group (26 people) in compliance with 10-rate visual and analog scale of pain.

Osteoarthrosis deformans (OAD) is a dystrophic disease of joints caused by affection of the articular cartilage. Disease occurrence gradually increases as the people grow older and reaches its maximum at 60-65 years of age. Usually primary (idiopathic) and pulmonary OAD are distinguished. OAD is called primary (idiopathic) when it was not possible to find out an immediate cause of its occurrence.

All musculoskeletal system and peripheral nervous system diseases and traumatic injuries in acute period are characterized by acute pain, edema, soft tissues hemorrhage, extravasations and infusions into joint cavity, inflammatory reaction and dysfunction. Analgesics use doesnąt always resolve the problem of acute pain syndrome stop.

The purpose of the research was to study possibilities of application of dynamic electroneumstimulation (DENS) in complex conservative treatment of patients with osteoporosis. 65 women were participating in the research. Clinical and functional manifestation of osteopenia and osteoporosis were assessed before the treatment course and after 6 and 12 months. DENS application increased efficiency of treatment which was expressed in analgetic effect and positive dynamics achieved by the results of ultrasonic densitometry.

Influence of dynamic electroncurostimulation (DENS) on engraftment of the corneal flap after excimer-laser surgeries, possibilities of increasing functional results and reducing rehabilitation periods was studied in 30 patients as well as DENS influence on ophthalmo-ergonomic indexes which influence visual efficiency in the post-operative period.



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