Device for electrostimulation in the back area.
The device consists of the control unit (the device) and external electrodes. There are several versions of the device with various types of power sources...More Price: $5,880

DiaDENS-PC is multifunctional device for therapists and acupuncture specialists. The device has the same therapy frequencies and zonal diagnostic modes as ...More Price: $1750

Healing Blanket
Healing Blanket ZooDENS
The "Healing Blanket" is a therapeutic device made as a blanket that has a shield (protective) layers. TMB-01 HEALING BLANKETS can treat and cure you of many...More Price: $325
ZooDENS - is a veterinary device specifically developed for animal treatment. It can be used for curing big variety of animal illnesses. Specially designed course...More Price: $175
DiaDENS Cosmo
Nutritional mask fillers

iaDENS-Cosmo microcurrents effect the facial skin through an electrode mask with a current conductive coating. To ensure steady and quality exposure of microcurrents and to improve cosmetic effect, one of the specially formulated beauty masks should be applied to the skin....More Price: $325

Nutritional mask fillers with oceanic fish roe extract - (Ocean Caviar) for application in the "Nutrition" mode of the device. Promotes moisturizing and nutrition of the skin, and it also prevents skin premature aging...More Price: $22.50

Nutritional mask fillers
Nutritional mask fillers

Nutritional mask fillers with swallow's nest extract - (Swallow's Nest) for application in the "Nutrition" mode of the device. Shows whitening, nutritional and rejuvenating effect in the skin...More Price: $22.50

Moisturizing and purifying mask fillers
 - (Moisturizing) for application in the "Nutrition" mode of the device. Softens the skin epilayer, promotes pore contraction and prevents inflammation through its antibacterial properties...More Price: $22.50
Beauty Mask Electrode
Special connector wire is included - Note that, after approximately 60 uses, to maintain top performance, it is recommended that  the Beauty Mask Electrode be replaced with this mask which is designed for use with the DiaDENS COSMO...... Price: $53