Testimonials. Success stories from DENAS/DiaDENS owners

"I have used the DiaDENS-PC, with the Applicator multiple times on my back, shoulders and legs. I get amazing results in loosening my tight and exhausted muscles.  I enjoy the relaxed feeling I get from using the device, and I sleep much more peacefully and deeply at night.  I use it for everything!"

Kellie Bingham,  Denas Tech Supervisor, USA.

Purchased the DiaDENS-PC and the DENAS devices...
"I have had a problem with my allergies for years, and after a few minutes with the DENAS device I am able to breath again, this thing works!" 

Bryan, age 31, Utah, USA

Using the DENAS device...
"I had an allergic reaction in my eye to something which made it swell up and turn red.  I closed my eye and applied the DENAS, and after about 15 minutes all the swelling and reddness were gone and you couldn't even tell anything had happened." 

Emily, age 9,  Utah, USA

Successful treatment by DENAS in case of Knee Pain into full Lotus. Video from DENAS and SCENAR Practitioner Benedick Howard.

Using the DENAS device...
"I use the "Zapper"  when I get a bruise, or my muscles are stiff, and when I have a really bad owwie."  

Shannon, age 7,  Utah, USA

DENAS in Practive: Brushing techniques.
Video from DENAS and SCENAR Practitioner Benedick Howard. Web site: http://benedickhoward.com/

"I've had two nights without waking up screaming in pain, still canšt believe it."

Tony H., Bankstown, NSW, Australia


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