Denas MS

Denas is a sophisticated bio feedback device in five specific levels:
D=Derma, E=Electro Magnetics, N=Nervous system, A=?????, S=Stimulation.
Denas connects with the Central Nervous System and sends appropriate signals to the part of the brain that is effected by illness in the body. Healing starts immediately and any pain is greatly diminished if not totally gone. I am always amazed with the results and so are my clients.
Denas can help all ailments including chronic pain, blood pressure issues, cardio problems, spinal injuries, hyper tension just to name a few. This devise is safe to use on new born babies to the elderly. Basically anyone can benefit from a session with a Denas devise. A Denas machine should be part of every household, just like a first aid is. Once you tried it, you realize how true this is!




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