With the arrival of Daylight Savings Time, we can start looking forward to spring.  However, for millions of Canadians the arrival of spring means more than just tulips and warmer weather: it marks the arrival of allergy season.  Sneezing, itchy watery eyes, nasal congestion; for many months of the year, both children and adults suffer from various forms of allergies. The solution is either to avoid exposure by staying indoors, or to take pharmaceutical medications which have side effects such as drowsiness, etc.

What natural treatments are available for allergies?

 PASCOE CANADA has the best remedy available for treating allergy symptoms: PASCALLERG ®. This simple but powerful .combination .has .been proven effective to treat all sorts of allergy .symptoms, .from.nasal .congestion to skin allergies.  Best of all, .PASCALLERG ® has no side effects .and can be used to stop .symptoms in people of all age groups.  In addition, you can use PASCALLERG® before allergy season hits, to decrease the severity of your allergies once .the pollen starts to fly!

Naturopathic doctors and other practitioners can use PASCALLERG® and PASCALLERG® Forte as part of a desensitization protocol. For the complete protocol (available only to website doctor .members) please click here.

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Allergies are more likely to occur when your body is acidic; so don't forget to test your pH and alkalinize, using a product like pH-balance PASCOE®. For further symptomatic relief, try SINUPASTM for sinus pain and congestion or PASCOSALINTM to quickly relieve a stuffy nose.  PASCALLERG® is safe and well-tolerated, and has been used for many years as a first choice for the treatment of allergies.  Be closer to nature this year with PASCALLERG®

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