Naturopath Naturally

As a naturopath, I always look to heal my clients in a natural way without side effects from medication or other non natural remedies, using energetic therapies. My clients are from all walks of life, age groups, male and female.

I believe we are energetic beings, this is why energetic healings are more natural and healthier for us. Given the opportunity, we can reach an understanding on how important thoughts are and how to quiet the mind so we can be our true (spiritual) self. I use many forms of energetic healing to remove blockages and promote healing on a cellular level, and release thought patterns that harm us and create poor health. A state of well being starts with changing our thought patterns and energetic therapies can have a great impact in healing our bodies.


My private practice, located in St-Lazare, Quebec, Canada includes clients from all walks of life. My focus is on the power of the body to heal itself given the opportunity to do so. The balance of the physical, emotional and spiritual is the concept and belief with which I work. I use a natural approach to health and wellness and accomplish this with the help of DiaDens energetic healing, acupressure and nutrition. By listening to my clients and helping them find their own power, i.e. the power within to heal themselves, I assist them in their own healing. I identify the core cause and root of the disease and/or illness by testing to provide an accurate overview of what caused the blockage (s) and imbalance (s) that lead to the client's symptoms and condition in the first place. I seek to assist individuals in the balance of their own energy and life force with a natural approach.

Every client must sign a "Consent of Treatment" and "Disclaimer of Liability" prior to the commencement of any treatment, and a "Letter of Consent" so that their privacy is protected.

All clients must recognize that I am not a physician and do not practice medicine, and therefore I am not licensed to treat disease or illness of any kind. Rather, my goal is to assist my clients in the correction of improper nutrition, undertake possible lifestyle adjustments, and/or neutralize their imbalances. My goal is to help you allow your body to regenerate itself.

Salome Bara Davidson
Naturopath Naturally