Alternative Therapy Treatments

The answer lies within us all. We just need to relearn how to unlock those forgotten secrets. Welcome to the wonder of human cells.

We have ten trillion cells in our body (10,000,000,000,000) and every one of them knows exactly what to do to preserve, nurture and nourish us from the moment of birth to our last breath.

They carry our complete genetic code, they die for us, jump to our defence if we are threatened. They control our bloodflow and our energy levels.

Most cells have a short lifespan, usually dying and being reborn within a month, but there are exceptions. Liver cells can survive for years; brain cells last as long as we do.

The good news is, cells are constantly rejuvenating. Everything we eat and breathe is taken into our body, delivered and processed. The energy we absorb turns the cells into electricity.

Enzymes are the contractors of the cells. They build and rebuild molecules, extracting energy from nutrition and getting rid of waste.

I believe the way of healing is through the cells. Nothing can compare. So our main goal is to 'talk to' our cells, to encourage them and help them to achieve their tasks.

Think outside of the box

The key to alternative therapy treatments and products is thinking outside of the box. We must be open to the understanding that there is more to the universe than meets the eye.

Most people are ruled by their emotions: fear, anger and desire. They believe only in what they observe, even if that observation has been distorted by somebody or some organisation with an ulterior motive.

Some of the information and advice on this website will challenge your current world view. It will stretch your ability to suspend disbelief about what is possible and achievable using alternative therapy treatments.

For your journey into a healthier, more natural and (hopefully longer!) old age to be successful, you will have to learn to trust in concepts that may leave you sceptical at first.


The links to the right side of this page list the the therapies I offer my clients. I integrate these modalaties to give my clients a holistic approach in my therapy sessions to help the client aid in healing themself.


Therapies Offered

Energetic Healing


Crystal Healing

Chakra Balancing


Denas MS

Cem Tech



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